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ORAPEX Exhibiting

Photo: Dick Malott

ORAPEX has a long tradition of excellent exhibits by leading Canadian and international collectors. From traditional multi-frame exhibits through regional, youth one-frame exhibits, there is something for collectors and the public alike to enjoy. Over 140 competitive frames of exhibits are judged by accredited individuals with vast experience in general and specialized fields of collecting. The show is rounded out by a number of non-competitive exhibits including a Court of Honour, local club-sponsored frames and other offerings from past ORAPEX exhibitors.

Each year, ORAPEX has a theme. For the 2022 show, the theme is Topicals, Thematics and illustrated Mail.

In 2010, the American Philatelic Society granted "World Series of Philately" status to Canadian National Level shows. As a result, the winner of the Multi Frame Grand Award at ORAPEX is invited to the APS StampShow Champion of Champions event, and the winner of the Grand Award for the One Frame Category at ORAPEX is invited to the Champion of Champions event for one frame entries. The ORAPEX Committee is proud to manage a WSP show, where the best exhibits move on for recognition at the largest annual stamp shows in North America.

ORAPEX Exhibition Forms

In preparation for exhibiting, ORAPEX urges potential exhibitors to familiarize themselves with the Manual of Philatelic Judging and to make use of the tremendous resources available through the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors. The AAPE is one of ORAPEX's meeting presenters and awards sponsors.

Rules and regulations for exhibiting at ORAPEX

For Palmares of past exhibitions, please click on the 'History' button above.

Exhibits for ORAPEX 2022

The exhibits at ORAPEX 2022 represent many collecting areas.

Frames # Frames Title Class
3-7 5 Beavers: Nature's Engineers Court of Honour
9-13 5 Rotary Non-competitive
17-20 4 Monarchs of the North Woods Thematic
21-21 1 Celebrity Spotting in Chateauvillain One Frame
22-26 5 Blood: A Modern Medicine Thematic
27-27 1 Canada's Last Airmail Stamp One Frame
28-28 1 Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, the Fox of 1952, the First Two Stamps Issued for Air Mail Rates One Frame
29-36 8 Machine Postmarks of London England, 1857- 1914 Postal History
37-46 10 Hankow, China 1891 to 1919 Postal History
47-51 5 The Canadian Admiral Era: A Rate Study 1912-1931 Postal History
52-56 5 Rates and Usages of the Canadian National Parks Stamps 1979 - 1986 Postal History
57-64 8 The Great War Internment Camps of Canada Display
65-65 1 Oneglia's BNA Forgeries One Frame
66-66 1 An Introduction to the Gold Yuan Postal Rates of China( November 1948 to April 1949) One Frame
67-69 3 Queen Elizabeth Wilding High Values Traditional philately
70-72 3 Ontario House of Assembly Postmarks, 1867 - 1980 Postal History
73-74 2 Camp Aldershot Nova Scotia 1904 - 1918 Picture Postcards
75-75 1 Queen's University at Kingston: A Postal Profile One Frame
76-76 1 Canada: 1933 UPU Preparatory Commission Meeting One Frame
77-84 8 The Armies of the French Revolutionary and Imperial Wars, 1792-1815 Postal History
85-85 1 The 1971 British Postal Strike One Frame
86-86 1 The Philately of the 1920 Antwerp Olympics One Frame
87-91 5 The Golden Age of the Rigid Airship as Illustrated by Stamps and Covers Aerophilately
92-96 5 Sealing Labels of UK Returned Letter Offices and Branches Postal History
97-99 3 Vibrant Colours and Fastastic Shapes Topical
100-106 7 Saint George Remembered Experimental
107-110 4 Le blé d'or, son histoire et sa culture Display
111-112 2 L'évolution des types de cartes Thematic
113-114 2 Paquebot Postmarks on Mail from Nova Scotia (1907 - 2004) Postal History
115-115 1 Mail Between, and Via, Canada and Japan, 1873 - 1898 One Frame
116-116 1 Returning UK Undeliverable Parcels One Frame
117-121 5 Line Engraved Issues of Great Britain 1840 and 1841 Traditional philately
122-126 5 Les bureaux spéciaux Français, 1792 - 1870 Postal History
127-132 6 The Post Office Seals of the United States 1877 - 1996 Postal History
133-133 1 Saint Patrick's Day Postcard Exchange Links Lonely Irish Immigrants in the Early 20th Century One Frame
134-134 1 Visiting Acadia University Through the Years One Frame
135-135 1 Ghana - The Scorpion Provisionals of 1988 - 91 One Frame
136-136 1 Winnipeg's Airmail: From Fantasy to Buenos Aires One Frame
137-137 1 Booklet Varieties of the Admiral Issue One Frame
138-140 3 Kamouraska Display
141-146 6 British North America Transatlantic Rate Handstamps 1840 - 1875 Postal History
147-152 6 The Early Postal History of Northern Ontario Postal History
153-153 1 1908 Canada: 1 cent Quebec Tercentenary with my Original Study of Plate Retouches One Frame
154-154 1 Fredericton Postal Markings During the Stampless Era One Frame
155-155 1 The 1972 Earth Sciences Issue One Frame
156-156 1 Detained in Hong Kong and the Ones that Got Away One Frame
157-162 6 Art on Envelopes - Woodman's Elusive Cachets Experimental
163-164 2 The Philatelic Scene during the Admiral Era Experimental
165-165 1 Boston Machine Cancels Used in Great Britain 1897 - 1907 One Frame
166-166 1 The Jacques Cartier Commemorative Issue of 1934 One Frame
167-169 3 New Brunswick Stampless Cover Era Postal History
170-176 7 The 1950 King George VI Definitive Issue of Canada - Original Design Traditional philately
177-181 5 The A.B.C. Murders Topical
182-182 1 Thomas Cook's Vesuvius Railway One Frame
183-186 4 Canada Revenue Stamps Revenue