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ORAPEX Exhibiting

Photo: Dick Malott

ORAPEX has a long tradition of excellent exhibits by leading Canadian and international collectors. From traditional multi-frame exhibits through regional, youth one-frame exhibits, there is something for collectors and the public alike to enjoy. Over 140 competitive frames of exhibits are judged by accredited individuals with vast experience in general and specialized fields of collecting. The show is rounded out by a number of non-competitive exhibits including a Court of Honour, local club-sponsored frames and other offerings from past ORAPEX exhibitors.

In 2010, the American Philatelic Society granted "World Series of Philately" status to Canadian National Level shows. As a result, the winner of the Multi Frame Grand Award at ORAPEX is invited to the APS StampShow Champion of Champions event, and the winner of the Grand Award for the One Frame Category at ORAPEX is invited to the Champion of Champions event for one frame entries. The ORAPEX Committee is proud to manage a WSP show, where the best exhibits move on for recognition at the largest annual stamp shows in North America.

Each year, ORAPEX has a theme. For the 2024 show, the theme is Marcophily/ Postmarks.

Please Note: This year all exhibitors are required to submit a 2-page synopsis of their exhibit along with their entry form, title page, and payment. The application will not be considered to be complete without these four components.

ORAPEX Exhibition Forms

In preparation for exhibiting, ORAPEX urges potential exhibitors to familiarize themselves with the Manual of Philatelic Judging and to make use of the tremendous resources available through the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors. The AAPE is one of ORAPEX's meeting presenters and awards sponsors.

Rules and regulations for exhibiting at ORAPEX
Exhibit entry form for ORAPEX 2024

For Palmares of past exhibitions, please click on the 'History' button above.

Exhibits for ORAPEX 2024

The 2024 exhibits will be:

Frames # Frames Title Class
5 The Western District of Upper Canada: the Development of Postal Communications and Postal Markings, 1800-1850 Court of Honour
8 Canadian Government Official Postmarks, 1841 – 1939 Court of Honour
Y1 1 Les Gratte-ciels Youth
Y2 1 Mes personnages préférés Youth
Y3 1 Les coeurs Youth
Y4 1 Bulgarian Airmail from 1927 to 1946 Youth
1 1 The Canada Goose One Frame
2 1 From First Flight to Disaster - Zeppelin Hindenburg One Frame
3-9 7 Oxford County U.C./C.W. Postmarks Postal History
10 1 Great War Censorship of the Mails to and from the Internment Camp at Fort Henry, Kingston One Frame
11-13 3 Alouette: Canada's Entry in the "Space Race" Traditional philately
14-18 5 4-Hole OHMS Perfin Mail to Foreign Destinations Postal History
19-20 2 Owen Sound Fancy Cancels Postal History
21 1 A Call To Arms: Canadian Red Cross Blood Donor Appeals in WWII One Frame
22-29 8 Canadian Postal Rates and Fees: Early Elizabethan II Era (1952-1966) Postal History
30 1 Canadian Dead Letter Office Reorganization Handstamps One Frame
31-38 8 Fancy Geometric Postmarks of London, England 1880 - 1909 Postal History
39-40 2 The Postmarks of Port Hood Postal History
41 1 More-to-Pay: Fees paid by Addressees to receive their mail in Newfoundland 1840-1949 One Frame
42-49 8 Canadian Postal Rates of the War Tax Era 1915 - 1926 Postal History
50 1 Rev. E.A. Butler One Frame
51-57 7 Canadian Scout and Guide Cancellations 1937 to 2015 Postal History
58 1 The Story behind Canada's 50¢ Seashore Stamp One Frame
59-60 2 Two Postal Cruises to the British West Indies Postal History
61-70 10 The Centennial Definitives of Canada, 1967 to 1974, The Low Value Stamps and their Usages Traditional philately
71-73 3 Separation Anxiety: Early British Imperforate Stamps Traditional philately
74-78 5 Timbromanie: An Exhibitionist's Guide to Showing Off a Stamp Collection Experimental
79-80 2 His and Hers Advertising, Patriotic and Event Covers
81 1 The Post Office and Postmarks: 1824 - Present Day Rugby, Warwickshire, England One Frame
82-87 6 The "Golden Age" of UK Postage Due Postcards Postal History
88-90 3 Cape of Good Hope Triangles 1853-1864 Traditional philately
91-95 5 Earth Science Display
96 1 The Two Bank Note Companies in Canada send First Day Covers One Frame
97-99 3 Examples of Varieties, Errors, Oddities, Freaks and Counterfeits (VEOFCs) of the Canadian Coil Stamps printed by CBNC from the .06 cent Orange Centennial (1969) to the .40 cent Red Flag (1998). Display
100 1 Gilles Villeneuve - 1950-1982, Formula 1 Canadian Autosport Legend and 50th Anniversary One Frame
101 1 France 1934: Anti-Tuberculosis Stamp Campaign One Frame
102 1 Great Britain (Inland) Guaranteed Delivery Rates 1993 to 1998 One Frame
103-106 4 Les femmes en art "leur influence sur le parcours de l'exposante" Display
107-110 4 Art Deco Influence on European Philately Display
111-116 6 LONDON CANCELS Development during the Victoria Period Postal History
117-120 4 The Wildlife Pictorial Aerogrammes of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika (Tanzania) (KUT) 1957-1997 Postal History
121 1 Joseph Ady et Al. - Linking Unclaimed Dormant Accounts etc. with their Owners? One Frame
122-125 4 Newfoundland 1880-98 Issue by British American Bank Note Co. Traditional philately
126-129 4 The Supreme Court Revenue Stamps of Canada Revenue
130 1 The Province of Canada: Stampless Covers and the 3d and 5 cent Beavers on Cover One Frame
131-134 4 Reichsland Elsass-Lothringen ou Quand l'Alsace -Moselle etait Allemande, 1870-1919 Revenue
135-138 4 United Nations Aerogrammes 1952–1982 Postal Stationery
139 1 "Madame Joseph" Forged Postmarks and the 1935 Silver Jubilee Issue: a closer look One Frame
140 1 Old German States Philatelic Overview One Frame
141 1 Medical Symbols One Frame
142-149 8 The Nova Scotia Post: Early Mail and Markings Postal History
150 1 Washington, D.C.'s Earliest Duplex Postal Markings One Frame
151 1 Monarch Butterflies of the World One Frame
152-155 4 Spain: Pro Tuberculosos - 1937 - 1950 Postal History